Kale recipes 

My beautiful peeps,

several reason brought me the idea of starting to eat kale. First I noticed that my usual choice of veggies would always be things you can easily find in the stores such as, capsicum, zucchini, beans, potatoes, carrots ect. Weiterlesen

Strawberry Cheescake – American and German mixture

G’day dearest people!


Finally summer has arrived and all these juicy sweet strawberrys are just waiting for us to be picked and enjoyed :) In case you have loads of strawberrys left or looking for a super tasty and easy summer cake recipe, this is what you will love! Since I am truly in love with cheesecake, specially the German and American type, I thought lets mixx them both up and it came out even more delicious than expected :) Weiterlesen


Couple of weeks ago, I went to a spontaniously „not“ organised short trip to London! I was impressed that I wasn’t impressed :-) 5 days, nice wheater, great shots, delicious Indian food and a super woman as a companion. My favorite day was the pre-last day! My friend took me to the north were you can find the most artistic and inspiring place of London. Camden Town! Most of the pictures I made were from that place! Were deliciousness and originality and creativity comes all together! I truly call it holiday, or how else would you call it when you get confronted with the most authentic food places and inspiration? Weiterlesen

Protein whole-grain Sandwich

Sometimes it’s funny how we underestimate ourselves by thinking that our hunger seems to be far more ahead than the reality! That happens to me almost all the time so I am going for a run before lunch because I feel empty enough to be fit and all light but still not really hungry. Perfect time to excerise :) But here it is when the planing comes into the game! „I am just going for a 3-4 km run“, right! Nothing wrong with that but as soon as I enter the woods and realize that the wather is far better than it appeared in my house, how about doing freeletics then? Ok-done!


Norwegian Salmon fish filet with veggies and salad – lowcarb

Dear healthy food lovers!

Today is such a sunny and beautiful day with many birds singing around :) Makes you feel even more happy and excited for the spring to come! It’s sooo time :-) That inspired me to make this healthy light and filling dish for lunch! The salmon filet came out soo tender (if you can say that :) For once the kitchen also didn’t smell to fishy but yet the salmon tasted like the ocean! I can’t wait to show you, so lets start :-)



Kölle Alaaf!! :)


It’s Fasching/Carneval time here in Germany again and that means, it smells like a lot German traditional doughnut-pastries! :) Have you every seen how Germans go insane in Cologne? From young til old, eveyone is celabrating this monthly ongoing event that is also known as Carneval. It officially starts on the 11.11 every year until Aschermitttwoch, 18. February. That day the 6-week feasting is starting. Weiterlesen