Kölle Alaaf!! :)


It’s Fasching/Carneval time here in Germany again and that means, it smells like a lot German traditional doughnut-pastries! :) Have you every seen how Germans go insane in Cologne? From young til old, eveyone is celabrating this monthly ongoing event that is also known as Carneval. It officially starts on the 11.11 every year until Aschermitttwoch, 18. February. That day the 6-week feasting is starting. Weiterlesen »

Mediterranean Salad with octopus and feta – Low carb

Hello dearies, on this beautiful sunny Monday, there was no way I could not ignore the early spring smell in the forest and with that the desire for a light and super tasty lunch! I couldn’t let it be! Another great Mediterranean  Salad again! :) Last week I went to Aldi and they had these super tasty octobus pickled in awesome olive oil. I had to try them out since octobus can actually be really tasty :) For now, it’s one of my most oredered favorite in Asian restaurants. So yeah, Aldi came up with this amazing Italian week and there is no way I am leaving it without buying a massive amount to stock my kitchen up :D Oh bella bella bella Italia! <3 :)

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Tagliatelle Tricolore with Scampi and rucola – low carb

Hello sweetys, today I want to show you another great light and quick dish that is also one of my favorits! A couple of month ago, I discovered my ultimativ compromise with pasta. There is no way I am going a no-pasta diet also I don’t have to eat it every day :) So if I want to I’m going to say yes to it, even couple of times a week -this is my healthy and fulfilling option. Just add some rucola, spinach or anything greenish things into it as you wish :) make it half half and add some amazing olives or tomatos into it, and boom you have the best things of both and there is no way you have to leave pasta behind. Weiterlesen »

Mediterranean pasta salad – light and healthy

My dearest pasta lovers,IMG_0987

January has finally arrived on its fullest and some of us are probably still fighting with the last christmas cookies-including me! :) This month, I want to show you all my favorite Salad Classics. I could eat them all daay! They just work perfect, wether when you are on a diet, working out or just sit in the office all day and need something light but filling. Weiterlesen »

Freeletics – What’s your motivation?

As you go through the day, having to deal with the past and knowing what you once were capable of doing, something weird happens: You stop believing in yourself because there you go, this is what you brought yourself into, this is the present-your present! There were obviously many factors who brought me into this situation but for someone who once were addicted to almost all kinds of sports and dancing this was simply not acceptable anymore! Having to go through a painfull relationship, losing one of your closest friends on cancer, failing through final college exams-in a row, failing on diverse jobs and most of all failing in your health and on yourself! So here you are, 2,5 years later – 22 pounds / 10kg heavier! How the hell-right?! Weiterlesen »