Whole grain pasta with goat cream cheese and zucchini

Food besties,

who doesn’t appreciates healthy and food that is quick to be made. As a full time student and full time employee I sure as hell try to improve quality and time in the kitchen :) The other day, I came up with the idea to use goat cheese in pasta. And with only 4 ingredients in total I came up with this super delicious and healthy dish. It’s nothing special or anything new, but I was surprised to be finished after 15 minutes only and how tasty it was :)

And all you need is:

  • Whole grain pasta
  • Dried tomatos
  • Zucchini
  • Goat cream cheese

and thats it!


1. Slice the dried tomatos and the zucchini in half. I used a quarter of the zucchini. Totally enough for 1 single person :)


2. Boil the Pasta for about 10 min  and frie the zucchini :)








3.  Once everything is cooked, through everything together and stir slowly until everything the pasta is covered with cheese and the rest ingredients.









4. And ready it is to be served and enjoy :)


I hope you liked this quick and healthy dish just as much as I did!


Lots of love´, Nina xx



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