Kale recipes 

My beautiful peeps,

several reason brought me the idea of starting to eat kale. First I noticed that my usual choice of veggies would always be things you can easily find in the stores such as, capsicum, zucchini, beans, potatoes, carrots ect. But for some reason, maybe it’s because my body wouldn’t „react“ to them anymore, I needed something else. I felt like I wouldn’t really lose any weight plus I felt like my body would need „other“ types of veggies to burn fat or just for the circulation. Since I avoided anything super greenish such like Brokkolie and kale, I thought this might be it… the usual progress: you avoid special Typ of food or veggies because you don’t like them but you know how healthy they actually are :)

Since I live in Germany kale is something rare… and even tho you it’s a winter vegetable it’s not common to find them in usual grocery stores. You would get them in markets. Which is not to bad because they are plenty other pretty and healthy rare veggies and fruits that you wouldn’t usually get in the stores :) so there I was looking for kale… I went to this beautiful „Stadtmarkt“ which is cantered directly in the city centre of my town and just bought a whole bunch! I remember thinking how this MUSST be the solution due to its super green and beautiful look. A month later I can say: how could never lived without it…. I started a month ago and almost adding it to every meal I eat, specially for dinner. I remember cooking it for the first time, this smell.. yum!! I tried out many simple dishes and recipes and now I would like to present you my absolute favourite ones if you already don’t make them yourself already ;)

Starting with my „in between snack“. This I ate between lunch and dinner and before working out. It’s so good and just the right thing in your stomach if you need good nutrition but also don’t want to be full.

I fried kale, beans, corn and broccoli in a pan ONLY using coconut oil! Wait till it gets glassy looking and your done :) Grab some carrots and celery for the extra crunch and have it with some Quark cheese. Put some extra chive in the quark and that’s all you need for some extra protein and goodness :) If you want you can spice it up with salt, pepper or anything you want. I kept it plain without anything.
Hope you enjoyed it and feel like having a huge portion of green goodness!

Nina xxx


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