Protein whole-grain Sandwich

Sometimes it’s funny how we underestimate ourselves by thinking that our hunger seems to be far more ahead than the reality! That happens to me almost all the time so I am going for a run before lunch because I feel empty enough to be fit and all light but still not really hungry. Perfect time to excerise :) But here it is when the planing comes into the game! „I am just going for a 3-4 km run“, right! Nothing wrong with that but as soon as I enter the woods and realize that the wather is far better than it appeared in my house, how about doing freeletics then? Ok-done!

During the workout it’s totaly fine but sometimes as soon as you stop there is this flood of hungryness overwhelming you, do you have that sometimes? :) It then feels like „ok, now!!“
So there you stand in the kitchen with nothing cooked or prepared,.. that’s where this lovley sandwich comes into the game :) It’s perfect for those moments and it provides all the nutrients your body craves and specially needs after a workout or running. I will be showing you a whole series of my favorite sandwiches but this is absolutely one of my favorits! :-)

  • Protein whole-grain Tosts ( They come in a welwed pack )
  • Letuce leafs ( of course all fresh and washed )
  • Hald avocado (one of the healthiest fat your body needs)
  • a small radish (gives that perfectly freshyness into it-you won’t even notice them :)
  • cucumber slices
  • Mozarella slices
  • cherry tomatos ( 1 was just fine)
  • a tiny bit of salt, pepper and some dried basil herbs

1) Just cutt all the ingredients in slices and toast the bread. After that put the avocado on each side then the cucumber and radish slices. Now you can add the letuces and last but not least the great mozarella and give everything a good spice :-) And done!


IMG_1325 (2)


IMG_1332 (2)

And there you go, you just decided to give your body everything it needs to feel perfect again – best choice :-)

Hope you enjoyed and liked this small but super effective recipe!

Lots of sunny and green love to all of you xoxo


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