Strawberry Cheescake – American and German mixture

G’day dearest people!


Finally summer has arrived and all these juicy sweet strawberrys are just waiting for us to be picked and enjoyed :) In case you have loads of strawberrys left or looking for a super tasty and easy summer cake recipe, this is what you will love! Since I am truly in love with cheesecake, specially the German and American type, I thought lets mixx them both up and it came out even more delicious than expected :)

Hallo meine lieben,

anlässlich des Sommerbeginns hier ein super leckerer Erdbeer Käsekuche, der die typischen Inhalte eines deutschen und amerikanischen Käsekuchens beinhaltet! Habt ihr auch so viele Erdbeeren vom pflücken übrig? Dann wäre dieser Kuchen eine super Idee um diese lecker zu einem Strawberry Cheesecake zu bearbeiten :-)

And you dont’t need a lot for it!


  • 450 g creamcheese
  • 150 g Quark
  • 140 g suggar
  • 2x Vanille sugar
  • half pack of vanille pudding
  • 15 g corn starch
  • 3-4 spoons of floar
  • 3 eggs
  • 2-4 drops of fresh pressed lemon

Strawberry glaze:

  • 500-700 g Strawberrys
  • 1 package of cake glaze red /Tortenguss
  • 2 heaped eating spoons of suggar
  • 1,5 cusp of water

And here we go :-)

IMG_1580 - Kopie

So before we start, lets wrap some paking paper on the springform and the ground. This will help that the butter won’t drop out later.

IMG_1579 - Kopie1) For the cake base we need a handfull of of cookies and some butter. Heat up the butter until it gets liquid. Now put the cookies in a plastic bag and sqeeuze them until you have some nice crumbels :) Spread them out in the springform and pour the liquid butter over it. Take a spoon and press the crumbles down. Now before you start preparing the dough, you will have to leave it in the oven for about 10 minutes, so they become thicker and more stabil for the dough later on :)


2) Nowslowly mixx the creamcheese and quark together until it gets nicley creamy. Make sure to not stir to hard since you don’t want a fluffy dough, it should be creamy.

IMG_1582 - Kopie


2) Add the eggs into the dough while you stir. Now you can also add the vanilla pudding and powder with corn starch and the lemon drops together. Once everything is slowly mixxed up to a creamy dough, pre heat the oven to 180°. Leave it in there for 5 minutes then turn the heat down to 170° and let it bake for another 70 minutes. Once that is happend. Do not open the oven immediately because then the heat difference will destroy the surface of the cake and you will have some Harry Potter lightnings on them :-)

IMG_1586And this is how it should look like after cooling it down for another 2 hours :-) Just,..yummy!

3) Now it’s time to cut the strawberrys in halfes and leave them aside for later :)

IMG_1588 IMG_15924) Now it’s time for the glaze :-) Therefore heat up water and add the the powder glaze into it and from there on, keep stiring. Add couple of spoons of sugar into it, otherwise you wont be able later on. Once you have a thick liquid glaze you can pour it over the the strawberrys :-) So much fun!

IMG_1591 IMG_1594 - Kopie

And this is how it looks all done ready to be swallowed down :-)

IMG_1597 - Kopie

Leave it in the fridge for couple of hours so it gets cooled down. The best way to eat a cheesecake of course when it comes out cooled and fresh from the fridge :-)

Torte IMG_1606

Now it’s time to enjoy! I hope you liked this easy and amazing summer cheescake :-)

Lots of love, xxxx


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