Fafalle with Prawns served with spiced Guacamole <3

My dear Guacamole lovers :-)

Feel like having this delicious and healthy dish for lunch?

This is another super tasty recipe with tons of avocado and freshyness! This time, I made my guacamole with green/spring onions and parsley mixed with fresh pressed lemon and oragne juice. Once this is all mixed up, there are all these flavors who jump into your face wanting to be eaten and bathed in it! Seriously! :-D For me this is what a summer would taste like and since it’s super healthy and light, you can just eat it as a main dish or as a side dish!

And as usual, you won’t need a lot. Most of these ingredience are (hopefully) in your kitchen :)

Such as,…

  • 1 Spring/Green onion
  • half lemon
  • half orange
  • 150 grams of Fafalle pasta ( for 2 people with less hunger)
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  • 1 mature avocado (you should definetely always have to have these in your kitchen :)
  • salt, pepper, cayenne pepper (this gives it another great and spicy flavor)
  • a quarter handfull of parsley or fresh coriander
  • and as always – lots of good mood :-)

Lets start :-)


1) First cutt the green onions in small rings and do the same with the parsley or coriander. Then half the orange and the lemon and press them in sperate bowls. We need them both but in seperate mixxing bowls :)



3) Now take the avocado and cutt it into cubes and also hollow it out! :) My favorite part. Pour about 1 eating spoon of the pressed lemon into it it mixx it together.

IMG_1202 IMG_1204

4) After you hav pureéd the green onions, the parsley with the lemon and of course the avocado together it’s time for the pressed orange to come into the game. Add 1 or 2 eating spoons into the bulk and keep stiring it into it. The orange gives it such a sweet but fresh flavor which comes to a great contrast to the lemon and onions.

So once you did that, you should have this creamy greeny lovley super great smelling bulk in front of you :-) Spice it up with some salt, pepper and a bit of the cayenne pepper (my fav!)


5) Now you can grab a pott and prepare the Fafalle pasta by using pre boiling water and some salt. It usually takes only 7-10 minutes of cooking so don’t do at the beginning!

And now I am so happy to say “ Dinner is ready to serve, everyone to the table!“ :-) How tasty and delicious does that look? And you don’t even need much! All in all it took me about 15-20 minutes so no excuses for not having finding the time, folks ;)

Bon Appétit! <3


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