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Hello sweetys!

Pizza Muffin

Today was one of those days were I didn’t feel like going shopping and making a super huge mess in the kitchen, which is cleary always the case once the elefant hits in there :-D

Then I had all these healthy left overs and thought lets save them from dying and make some tasty Pizza muffins,.. and done! :)

As typically as my Blog is, it’s important for me to keep everything simple, quick and healthy! So with a few little steps you can quickly make awesome muffins that are also perfect for presents, birthdays or other events. They just always work and everyone is going to love them! :-)

For the dough you will need:

  • 300g of flour
  • 30ml olive oil
  • 150ml / 1 generous cup of water ( you might not need all of it, you have to check how dry your dough might be or not be :)
  • 1 cube of yeast / 25g
  • 1 tea spoon of sugar ( for the yeast to be happy :)

Ingredients: You can of course choose and take whatever you feel like and however you love your pizza most :-)

  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 red onion
  • 8-9 mushrooms
  • 2 inch of feta cheese
  • 1,5 hands full of Gouda cheese
  • dried pickled tomatos
  • 5-6 olives

Lets start! :-)


1) Take the yeast and squeeze ist until you have many little cubes. Add a little bit of the water in it as well. The water has to be a bit warm but not over 30degrees. Last step for the perfection of the yeast is to add a teaspoon of sugar into it. That helps the yeast to rise and dissolve. Now keep stearing until it looks like grey dirrty water :-) See the picutre below!






2) Now add a little bit of the flour into it and stir! Then keep on adding the rest of the lour, the olive oil and as soon you will have the sticky dough, add some water into it. If it’s easier then flour the kitchen board and keep on kneading there :-)









3) Now but it back into the bowl and let it sit and rise there until it gets twice the size! While the dough is trying to be its best you can prepare the ingredients meanwhile. This is what I used, or at least tried to. I didn’t use everything on the picture but most of it :)



4) Now cutt everything you want to have in your muffin and put everything in one bowl. It doesn’t need to look nice since all of it will end up in one place anyway :)



Some dried tomatoes and olives with Greek Feta cheese,.. mhhmm :-)



Once everything is in a bowl, give it a good spice with herbs and everything you feel and usually would put on a pizza! :) Stir everything together so that the herbs can embrace!


5) Now check on the dough, if it became tiwce its size then you can put it out. If not, just keep it in a warm place for another 10-15 minutes. Mine took about 30 minutes in the oven with 20 degrees on.










6) If you start shaping the dough you can add some extra flavor into the dough and knead it all together. I found it sooo delicious since it gives it all a hole other flavor.



7) Carefully roll the dough out and and try to make it as wide as possible.


8) Yup,..I used way to many ingredience but it still turned out well, so don’t worry :-) Place them in the middle and then start folding the dough as if you are about to fold paper :)


9) Keep kneading and folting everything in together until the ingredience are one with the dough.




10) And this is how it looks once everything sticks together as it should.

11) Now take dough scraper and make about 12 little parts of them. Just as many will fit into the muffin plate. Start to pr-head the oven to 220°!!




12) This step is very important! Before you place the muffins into their muffin plate you need oil it thoroughly! Otherwise you won’t get them out later and you will sit in front of a mess with destroyed muffins :)




13) Now shape them to balls but be gentle! :) Then place them into the frame. And into the oven they go! :)



14) Let them sit for another 15 minutes so they can puff up a bit. That way it gets more fluffy!



15) After 20 – 25 minutes they should be ready to be taken out! :) And this is how they will look!



Now check this fluffyness out! :-)



I hope you enjoyed these delicious pizza muffins! Feel free to share them on your facebook and if you tried them out, I would love to see what you came out with! :-)

Lots of love!xxx

Nina <3


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