Couple of weeks ago, I went to a spontaniously „not“ organised short trip to London! I was impressed that I wasn’t impressed :-) 5 days, nice wheater, great shots, delicious Indian food and a super woman as a companion. My favorite day was the pre-last day! My friend took me to the north were you can find the most artistic and inspiring place of London. Camden Town! Most of the pictures I made were from that place! Were deliciousness and originality and creativity comes all together! I truly call it holiday, or how else would you call it when you get confronted with the most authentic food places and inspiration? Wish I could have graped some true left over hippies back to Germany! This place needs it, reeally bad! But first, let me take you with me to my journey! :-)

I made this pic black and white and specially more dark. Not because I am in a sad mood but being now far away from London, thinking about the place this is how I truly sensed it. Mystical, elegant, inspiring, reserved, a place a decent poets, vicotry and history. Jup, that’s the feeling you get there and it wasn’t even grey and rainy, well…not the first three days at least!

IMG_1435 (3)

london2The beautiful eye that sees everything,..!

IMG_1488 (2)Bravest ducks and squirrels hanging out at St James park! And I mean, they really want to be friends with you ;)


IMG_1470 (2)

One of my favorite sightseeings of London. A sweet tiny house that has everything you can ask for in the middle somewhere in St James park. If you get there, watch out for it :)

London1Not much I can say to this cool thing :)

london7Something you will only find in London, the typical architecture and lovley warm feeling of a place that sadly is called an ordinary“pup“. Looks way to inviting!

IMG_1535 (2)

Now, we all know about how fashionable London is. But isn’t fashion somthing really personal? If we are beware of the beauty of each individual we can see that everyone is fashionable, just how they are in their own orbit and being! And I am glad to see that London is a place were you see most different people in the world, most young ladies seem to at least got the point of wearing what they want, no matter what sizes, hair color or god knows what,..!



So welcome to camden town :-)

london5 london6 london8london9 London14 London15 london18 London21london10 london11 london12 London16And now lets get to that part that I felt most exciting about seing! My life time favorite detective,..! Welcome to Baker Street 221b! lovliest door in the world!


To give this a beautiful end, I would like you to introduce you to my best friend and the super woman mentioned earlier:) This sweet pumpkin has been my bestie since second grade. An inspiratonal, smart and beautiful soul that I am very thanksfull to have in my life! <3

IMG_1496 (2)


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