B612 – Useful App for taking free quality pictures

G’day dearest people!

Since I got my new iphone I couldn’t wait to get all these great picture apps that Google Play hand’t offerd back then. So couple of weeks ago, I started to download apps to try them out and I am so impressed by the technology nowadays. Makes me sound like an old woman :) But seriosly,.. you bareley need a camera anymore, just get yourself a good smartphone and tadaa! By the time I deinstalled many apps but I found this cute picture App names „B612“ and I am highly impressed by it! They call it Selfie app. It is very easy to use. It allows you to take videos for 3 to 6 seconds by just pressing the screen for couple of tiny seconds. Switching from front to back camera only by swiping down, starting from the top of your phone :) I noticed that it also „fixes“ your skin so you basicly have your chosen filter plus your beauty shot within it, how handy, ay :) Here are a couple shots with my absolute favorite filter. Although I never choose black and white since I am such a happy color lover, but this one came out very well! The definition changed as well since I biggered the pictured but on a smaller size they look extremley clear and simply nice!


IMG_3072 IMG_3073

IMG_3069This App will definetely be on top of my main screen for a while. What do you think? Have you tried it out? Leave me a comment or a picture and let me know how you feel about this functional app :-) xxx


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