Tagliatelle Tricolore with Scampi and rucola – low carb

Hello sweetys, today I want to show you another great light and quick dish that is also one of my favorits! A couple of month ago, I discovered my ultimativ compromise with pasta. There is no way I am going a no-pasta diet also I don’t have to eat it every day :) So if I want to I’m going to say yes to it, even couple of times a week -this is my healthy and fulfilling option. Just add some rucola, spinach or anything greenish things into it as you wish :) make it half half and add some amazing olives or tomatos into it, and boom you have the best things of both and there is no way you have to leave pasta behind.
All you need is this:

  • rucola salad
  • Tagliatelle tricolore (of cours you can use any type you want)
  • tomatos
  • olives
  • prawns
  • cream
  • halb onion and a bit of garlic (garlic is optional)
  • parmesan

1) Before you start cooking the prawns, prepare the pasta first and put it aside once they are ready.

2) First prepare the king prawns by cutting a half onion in very tiny cubes. Garlic is totally otional. Start cooking the prawns first, because they need a bit longer than the onion. Than add the chopped onion cubes into it and leave it on the pan until you can call them-cooked and well done :) Last step is pouring the prawns with a bit of cream until it becomes a decent creamy prawns-cream sauce :) They should look somthing like this… :)


Now everything can go together! To make the best out of it- add some parmesan on the top! Now isn’t this one little tasty healthy lunch or dinner to go with? :)


I hope you enjoyed this delicious recipe! :) Lots of love! xxx


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