Mediterranean pasta salad – light and healthy

My dearest pasta lovers,

January has finally arrived on its fullest and some of us are probably still fighting with the last christmas cookies-including me! :) This month, I want to show you all my favorite Salad Classics. I could eat them all daay! They just work perfect, wether when you are on a diet, working out or just sit in the office all day and need something light but filling. And most of all, you should feel amazing afterwards :) A diet never really makes you happy and the results are mainly lacking behind. I totally believe that this is due all the people and industry who try to tell us that in order to lose weight, we would totally have to eat no pasta, rice and all the other carbs…well I am sure we all survive a couple of weeks without them and even couple of month, but what’s afterwards? We create this moodyness and we keep being frustrated! So this is what I do: keep everything in limits and work out work out work out! You only achieve something, if you are happy and totally living in a happy present :)

This is also a perfect kitchen hack! You can save a lot of time and money by just pre-cook a huge bowl of it and leave it in the fridge. You can eat the whole week of it and I promise-you will still love it by the end of the week :)

So this is my favorite typ of mediterranean pasta salad :) It’s light, quick to make and it makes you feel like you are in the middle of a Venetian restaurant on a 30° day! Hmmmm :)

And you barely need anything:


  • pasta of your choice
  • dried tomatos in oil
  • rucola salad
  • mozarella cheese
  • Kalamata olives ( I am absolutely in love with them)
  • balsamico cream ( I found it better than the usual liquid balsamico)
  • walnut oil ( or whatever you fancy most)
  • a teaspoon of pumpkin oil ( This gives it a smokey taste and it suits perfectly with the dried spiced tomatos)

1) My pasta just took about 7 minutes, so everything is done quite quickly! All you have to do is chop everything and leave it aside until the pasta is done and cooled down a bit! :)


For the pasta I used these sweet little butterfly pastas :)  Picollini Mini Farfalle


et voila! :)


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