Freeletics – What’s your motivation?

As you go through the day, having to deal with the past and knowing what you once were capable of doing, something weird happens: You stop believing in yourself because there you go, this is what you brought yourself into, this is the present-your present! There were obviously many factors who brought me into this situation but for someone who once were addicted to almost all kinds of sports and dancing this was simply not acceptable anymore! Having to go through a painfull relationship, losing one of your closest friends on cancer, failing through final college exams-in a row, failing on diverse jobs and most of all failing in your health and on yourself! So here you are, 2,5 years later – 22 pounds / 10kg heavier! How the hell-right?!

I also don’t even remember how many times I acutally started on working out again, eating well again or tried to attract positivity back to my life. Of course getting help sounded hirarious. Why would you anyway? „You are strong, you are used in picking up yourself your whole life, you did it all way trough yourself – the alpha way! Right?“ For someone who loves the life, loves smiling and being present and always positive, each failure felt like going through hell and back-each day. And I am sure, that life can always be worse! So never give up, put your head up and pick you goddamn self up, you have a life to live, specially the one you stoped living a while ago! Life is way to short and life is waiting for you to live, love and be thanksfull for each expirence that happend to you, they are true gifts-receive them with love and attentiveness!

I started Freeletics because I knew, for me it would be more of a mental challenge than a physical challenge. At some point I knew that due through my passion to sports that I would/can go through the workouts-more or less! Of course I also wanted to lose weight and get back into the old fit person I was, but more I knew that everyday in each unit you will have to face with and deal with your mental weakness and this is your time and moment to work on it! Because that’s what was standing in your way and the reason why you kept failing. I kinda saw it as a „last“ chance before telling me that I had totally lost it,..! The pysical effect should be seen as a sweet side effect! Remember that the sweet side effect also reffer to your nutrition for the main part!


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