Sweet Chilly Masala Chicken with potato-eggplants and rice – Ayuverdic Love!

Hello sweetys

I am sooo excited! Finally I am presenting my first Vilorygreen Classic dish on my Blog :-) I couldn’t decide for so long what recipe I would show first, since I got plenty of classics that I’ve been cooking for years now! They just always work, are always tasty, no mater what season-it just never gets out of fashion in my family and houshold! :-) And I truly can’t wait to show you all of them!

This super food explosion-and I meant it- is just amazing!! I can’t even tell how you many different spices I use, since I change it a lot, but it always include some wonderful basics that once they are in, you just can’t stop eating! My wonderful mum came up with the basics and the way she does it, I still can’t but very close to it :-) It’s also hard to come up with a name for it! I just want call it „The bomb“ :) But to make it a bit easier, I called it: Sweet Chilly Masala Chicken with potato-eggplants and rice! :) That dish gives you also space to decide wheter you go for a super low carb version by leaving the rice out. Absolutely optional! I personally think, that the tastiest version so far is the rice version :)

Let me just show you how that looks!
IMG_0814 (2)
Nuff said?

Lets start :)


  • 6-9 Chicken legs
  • 1 red onion
  • a bit of garlic
  • a couple potatos
  • 1 eggplant
  • Basmati rice (optional)


  • Sweet Chilly Sauce
  • 1 teaspoon of Garam Masala powder
  • 1 teaspoon of mild chilly power (if you like it hotter, than feel free to add more)
  • salt, pepper
  • half teaspoon curry powder

1) First chop the onion in larger cubes, it really doesn’t need to look good, just chop them all in :) Then add the garlic! Once that’s done, put it aside and prepare the chicken legs by cutting it clean. Chop everything away that you don’t want to eat. Then add the chicken legs to the onion and garlic mixture in the pan.

IMG_0809 IMG_0807IMG_0806


And of course the Basmati rice goes straight into an authentic persian rice cooker :)

2) Now spice the chicken legs with garlic powder, oil, salt and pepper. And leave them cook for about 30 minutes until you think they are ready for the next step.Also chop the eggplant and the potatos with them. They can also be ready in 20 minutes. Leave them on a medium heat. Once the souce gets into it, you will need to cook them for about 1,5 hour! So don’t worry if the chicken is still raw after the first cooking round.

Now add enough Sweet Chilly Sauce into it as you think you will like. I used a hole bottle ( 750ml) . Than add all the spices into it: Garam Masala, chilly powder, curry powder, more salt and pepper, a bit of cinamon. Now stir everything together and leave it cook for another 1,5 hours. Don’t forget to put the lid on the pan ;) Use medium heat! Also it is importand to stir evey 20 minutes. It is then, when you can check wheter your heat was to hot or now. Nothing should be sticky on the ground.


This is how it should look before the sweet chilly sauce comes into the game :)

3) So now that you paciently waited for another 1,5 hours. The results should be like this:


A truly massive dassive red food explosion full of incredibly tasty spices! :)

I really hope you enjoyed this recipe! If you liked it, feel free to share, comment or like! If you tried it out,also feel free to send me a piture, totally excited about your versions of it! Thanks for reading :-)

Lots of love!! xoxo


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