Kartoffel Puffer – Something like Hash browns ;-)

Hello pumpkins :)

There is something similar to Hash Browns and definitely something easy going and fun for breakfast. We call them Kartoffel Puffer :-) It’s famous in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, The Ukraine, Poland, Austria, Byelorussia and Luxembourg. The main difference of course is all about the side-dishes that are being served with it. In many areas people eat it them with Apfelmus. The widespread version. It’s something that is loved being eated in Germany :-) According to the dictionary, it’s something like an applesouce. Very tasty! :) Also my favorite!

And you only need a very few things:

  • 4-6 pealed potatos
  • 1 huge onion
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of corn starch
  • and lots of pacient :-)

1) First you have to peal the potatos and rasp them in a huge bowl. Then you do the same thing with the onion. BUT before you add the onion you need to squeeze the rasped onion. That way they include a lot of water that will only make your life harder onces they go into the pan, and of course the will be way to mashy otherwise. All we need is the plain potato, in a more or less dry version :-)




2) Now it’s time for the spices. Add some salt and peper as you wish! Once that is done, add the 2 eggs and the starch into it. Mixx and stir the bulk with your hands and d on’t waste a lot of time doing those sweety Kartoffel Puffer. Since the potato is raw, it oxidizes very quickly! Now add some oil into a pan and wait til it’s hot enough to frie them. Shape some small balls with them, by using a spoon (It’s the easier way) and let them frie until they get all goldy and brownish on each side. Don’t worry if it takes long, the first ones I made, took me about 5-7 minutes for each side to become that dark :) Just make sure you don’t leave the stove while they bath!


Kartoffel puffer

And done!! :) How quick and easy that was!
I hope you liked them! you can serve them with salad or applesouce just like I did :-)

xxx Lots of love xxx


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