Quarkbällchen – German Doughnut Balls

Today I totally felt like doing some German Quarkballs! They don’t need a lot since most of the stuff are mainly in the kitchen already! I called them German Doghnut Balls, unfortunately there is no translation for them, obviously because it’s a German type of „Thing“ :) But nevertheless, the closest pastries that you know and have a simmilar taste, are donuts! Yaay, we all love them :) You can serve them to any occasions! They are so small and eveybody will love them! Try it out!

And this is what you need:


For 10 Quarkbällchen:

  • 250g Flour
  • 250g Quark
  • 80g Sugar
  • 1 table spoon of Vanille sugar
  • 1 pack of backing powder (It’s equivalent to 1 heaped table spoon)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • You will need some extra bit of sugar in an extra bowl to roll the balls into them, once their done :)
  • Fat to frie ( I don’t have a chip pan, so you will need a bunch of oil instead)

1) First you will have to mix quark, eggs, sugar and vanille sugar until it the dough is very creamy.

IMG_0752 IMG_0753

2) Now, in an extra bowl mixx the flour, salt and backing powder together and add it to the egg-quark dough.

3) Heat up your pot with oil and wait until its hot enough. Hint: to check if your oil is hot enough, you can put a chopstick into it and check if the chopstick is surrounded b bubles. If so, congrats – oil is ready to rumble :) Now slowly shape some balls with two tablespoons and add them into the pan. But be careful! The Oil is really hot and likes to spray-out!


4) When you see all sides being brownish, then they are done! Take them out carefully and place them on a napkin, so the oil can dripp-out! Then roll them into crystal sugar. I also added cinnamon into the sugar, that just brings it into a whole new level:) …..and they’re done!! :)

I know, they don’t look like propper balls :) This is the good thing tho, it’s selfmade so they can’t look perfect, but I chopped them down within 15 minutes! The first once needed about 5-7 minutes, I think my oil just wasn’t hot enough! But also make sure it’s not too hot otherwise they will be done on the outside only. The inside will stay doughy! And that would such a pitty!
Nevertheless, most of them came out perfect! Just the way they should be, crispy outside and fluffy inside :)

     Check this out!

IMG_0763I hope you enjoyed this super delicious German Fingerfood :) It’s usually served around the carneval time but honestly they just work whenever! :) Feel free to comment or share!

Lots of love! <3 xoxo


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