Beaf Steak with caramelized pumpkin and potato

„The winter evening settles down With smell of steak in passageways. Six o‘ clock. The burnt-out ends of smokey days.“ #T.S.Eliot

steak cover

 Today I successfully finished week 5 of my Freeletics program. 5 super tough weeks full of sweat, fighting against condition, against one’s weak self, hard self-pushing and trying to „just“ survive the unit day by day. And still not even close to the Hellweek,… :) Nevertheless I made it through week 5 and I remember that night, as I recognized it as a special moment, I remember finishing my last burpee. Sitting there catching breath and as my heart got back to the normal pulse there was this second of a thunder shot that went through my head. My body kinda talked to me and was saying: „I-NEED-STEAK. Really bad! Steak with BBQ souce and pototas. And while you are making this, make sure you hand over a cold sparkly beer! PRONTO! Don’t care whether you need to go shopping first or steal from your neighbour. „…
So I went into the kitchen and made steak. I was lucky to find some good beef steak! The strange part is, that I hadn’t been eating any red-meat for at least 4 month and I can easily go without meet for a long time without suffering or cravings. And also I don’t try to avoid it, I just go for whatever I feel and works for me each day. I guess that is the reason why I start hearing what body actually really wants instead of my head trying to tell me.

I also found an untouched lonley pumpkin in the basket so I graped that one together with potatos and came up to the great idea to caramelize the pumpkin with brown sugar and add a bit of hazelnut oil into it. What an delicious combination!

Food was finally done. I sat there couldn’t  and don’t wanting to think of anything else but to enjoy this delicious dinner I just made after this tough week of workout – so well deserved! I can’t think of a moment where I have been enjoying a steak dipping into BBQ sauce so so much than that day. And the cold sprarkly beer that felt so majestically. I had stopped drinking beer and wine a while ago because Freeletics is a hard workout and no workout in the world will help you reaching the physical goal you want unless you also control your nutrition and alcohol. I always enjoy having a beer after work or on weekings while hanging out with friends, nothing wrong with that. But in order do gain as much as you possibly can gain while you already put so much effort into it, it’s better to only drink whenever you really crave for it.

I guess many of you know how to prepare steak and potatos so I will only write down, how I prepared to pumpkin :)

1) Use a pan, since you will need to cutt the half pumpin into small slices. Put a half cup of water into the pan and cook the pumpkin slices for about 10 minutes on middle heat.


2) After the pumpkin slices got all soft and ready, add some brown sugar into it. Of course you can use any type of sugar you want, I personally just recommend brown sugar :)


All DONE  :)

Now it’s time to enjoy your meal and listing to your body. It knows exactly what it wants and needs. Most of time it’s your head that wants to stop working out, telling you that you need candy or junk food, or even worse- it’s the one who tries to tell you – you can’t do it something! So keep in mind that you can always do and you WILL because you CAN!

Lots of love and see you soon! :)  xoxo


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