Indian Butter Chicken

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”  #Oscarwild

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Today I want to share with you one of my favorite dishes. Indian Butter Chicken. It is so rich with many great spices. Of course you can make a less hot version of it by adding less chilly powder into it. My version is a very simple way of cooking the Butter chicken, so all of you can do it :) I am afraid, that I could’nt find all the needed ingriedence in the shops this time, so I had to improvise and I had to use a Butter Chicken spiced mixture. I’ve made it a couple of times while using all the needed ingredients from an Indian/Asian shop and I can tell you that there is indeed a huge difference to the real homemade one. But still it’s very tasty that way and perfect for beginners to experiment with many various types of rich spices. If you like what you did than it’s defenitely worth spending the money on real spices :) I did it that way as well! And some of them you can always add to other curry dishes. For instance Garam Masala. This tasty spice is already a mixture of different spices and you can find it in almost any types of Indian currys, Masala and others :)
With all the tasty and hot spices, you will expierence a tummy boom :)
let’s begin.
What you need:

• 3-4 Chicken legs
• Yougurt ( I used to regular low fat one)
• 1 inch of ginger
• 1 big Onion
• 3-4 peaces of garlic
• 3 Fresh tomatos
• 1 tube of canned tomatoeIMG_0147
• ¼ Butter
• ½ lime
• Honey (3 spoons)

• Salt
• Cinamon stick ( a very tiny one)
• 2-3 Kardamon seads
• Garam Masala powder
• Chilly Powder
• a bit of clove
• Coriander powder
• Cardamon powder
• Fresh choped coriander

• Rice or bread, you can eat it with both

1) First you need to marinade the chicken. Grap the chicken legs and take off the skin. Remove the bones and fatty parts and put the pure meet in an extra bowl. Not add some salt, some chilly powder ( take as much as less you want, it always depents on how much chilly works out for you :) half tea spoon Garam Masala, coriander powder and stir it with your hands. That way its easier than using a spoon. When you are done use 3 heaped table spoons of yoghurt. Take a grater and grate ginger into it as well. Then press the garlic into it. Stir again. When you are finish, it’s important to put the marinade into the fridge for at least an hour if not more :) Sometimes I leave it in the fridge over night. Its impressive how the chicken absorbs the spices!

IMG_0139  IMG_0141IMG_0150

 2) The oven needs to be pre heated by 200 degrees before putting the chicken pieces inside. Put them on a plate and leave them there for 30-40 minutes. Usually there are done after 30 minues but of course it always depents on how thick the chicken flesh is :)

While the chicken is in the oven, it’s the perfect time to prepare the souce:

1)  Use some butter or oil to roast. Grap 3-4 cardamon seeds together with half tea spoon of clove in let it roast in the butter. Then chop 1 onion into small cube pieces. Gently stir everything together. After that add the tomatos into it. Chop them first and leave them roast 2-3 minutes before using the canned tomatos. Wait another 10 minutes. Use some of your ginger and garlic from before and add 3 table spoons of honey. Now its ready to pureé the souce.


2) After 30 – 40 minutes, your chicken needs to look like this:


Yumm, isn’t it :)

Now you just add the chicken pieces into the sauce and leave stir it again. This way the chicken now can absorb the souce!

Now it’s ready to serve! :) You can eat it with rice or bread! It’s super tasty both way!

I really hope you enjoyed this dish and if it did’nt work out at the beginning, don’t give up, it still takes some practise to make propper Indian dish and I-for sure- am still learning! :)

Let me know what you think of this!

Lots of love to all of you! xoxo


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