Australian Banana Bread

„laughter is bridghest where food is best“ :) #Irishproverb

During my wonderfull year abroad in Australia I expirienced an amount of all kinds of tasty foods that is influenced by Asia and India. It’s been a pleasure to have been there and being inspiried by this amazing red continent and specially by its people and their wonderful cuisine!

One of my favorite all-rounders during the day was truly the classical Banana Bread. You gotta love the fact, that this energy bomb can be eated at any time! It’s a perfect day starter a day ender or even with just a cup of tea. I like taking it with me on a hiking trip or just graping a bite after some serious running :) So today’s recipe is the authentic way of doing Australian Banana Bread. With the only difference- less sugar than needed! :)

And this is all you need:

Banana Brot Zutaten

  • 4 Bananas ( make sure they are dark yellow mellow :)
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 sliced lemon
  • half tea spoon of salt or only a finger tip
  • 1 pack of baking powder (In the US and in British areas you will have them in a box usually, so 1 German pack of baking powder is equivalent to 1 heaped spoon of baking powder from the box. In case you do have those complementary sized packages-then thats amazing-love them! :)
  • 60gram of grounded hazelnut ( originally it’s 50, but I took 60)
  • 120 gram of brown sugar (I only used 80gram! It’s totally enough and still very sweet-try it out!)
  • 3 spoons of walnut oil (you can use any oil you have availabe, I just found it works best together with the hazelnut included)
  • 120gram of flour ( plain flour-not the self rasing one :)

1) Take a huge bowl- literally bash and mash the bananas with a fork until they become very slimy and baby-foodish like :)

banana masse schüssel

2) Now you can add some salt, press the sliced lemon into it and add all the other ingredients. Take a bread-shaped metal bowl (if you have one) and add the bulk into it :)

banana brot masse

3) Now the bulk is ready to rumble! Put it in the oven, let it sun bathed by 170 degrees and 55 – 60 minutes later- simply ENJOY! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tropical trip to the red continent-and-back just as I did, even if it was only for a tasty bite ;)

Let me know what you think!

Lots of love, xoxobanana brot cover


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